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Female - Lamleh line

18.12. 2001 - 27.8.2015
PRA/LL negative 29.9. 2008
Colour: sable

International Champion,
Grand Champion Slovakia,
Champion Czech,
Champion Slovakia,
TTC-Club Champion
Club Winner Slovakia 2004,

National Winner 2005



Many thanks to Anke and Franz Peine for their kindness and help with finding a decent female of Tibettian Terrier!

Sanna is a female of a Lamleh line (she was brought to Czech Republic as a second female from this line). She’s originally came from Mrs. Netty Thomson of Sweden (kennel Mocowodos). But we have bought her from Mrs. Anke Peine (kennel Nama-schu) a well-known breeder of Tibetian Terriers. Parents of Sanna’s father are from the well-known kennel Tsering and her mother is from Paine’s breed.

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7 months
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9 months
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2 years

6 week
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7 months
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Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia, Tibetan Terrier, Tibetský teriér, Sanna