New 2006

National exhibition in Celje in Slovenia was at 10.12.

Bango attended this exhibition and he obtained a assesment
Very perspective 1

from Mrs referee Uschi Eisner (A).

We congratulate Bango end his owners too and wish many next successes.

Bango Lamleh Schambala

Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala

International Dog Show  in Nitra (SK)
Arbiter:  Libuše Ubrová (CZ)

We had great joy from our puppies on this exhibition.

Bhoomi won all. Mrs referee Ubrova like she very much and she obtained Very perspective 1. She shined on finish competitions and Mr referee Gunis (SK) choosed Bhoomi to fist place -
Best In Show Female Puppy
We wish it Martina and Milan and we congratulate from whole hearth and hope that it isn't last bog success.

Bon-ri (Bon-ri Lamleh Schambala) was on the second exhibition and he obtained Very perspective  like Bhoomi.

Jimi (A'Jigme Lamleh Schambala) come out well, he won his class and obtained V1, CAC.

We congratulate our dogs family and all winning dogs and their owners.
You can found complete results on TTSK.

We have received a nice messages from our puppies and their owners.

If you want to see how our puppies are growing you can visit their website:
Ba-Lu Lamleh Schambala
Bango Lamleh Schambala
Bon-ri Lamleh Schambala
Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala
Basanti Lamleh Schambala -
New photos of Santi will be soon.






Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala

A'Jigme Lamleh Schambala

Bango Lamleh Schambala

Bon-ri Lamleh Schambala

23.9. Tibet Dog Europe in Maribor (Slovenia)
richtete: Margareta Sundquist (S)

, Bon-ri and Bhoomi  were on first exhibition. All showed good and got a nice opinion from referee. Bango obtained VN 1, Bon-ri - VN 3,  Bhoomi - VN 3

(A'Jigme Lamleh Schambala) from our first litter was on exhibition too.
He obtained V2, res. CAC in competition 6 dogs.

We thank for show and great presentation of our puppies.

Sanna participated in exhibition too and obtained V3 in competition 8 bitches.

1. místo:LOST VALLEY CHONYIMA, 2. místo: PEMBA LAMLEH VON NAMA-SCHU, 3.místo:Sanna

We congratulate all dogs and their owners!
You found all results on Simona Jemelkova's exhibition website.



Sanna satisfied condition for conferment title Intershampion.

and she satisfied conditions for qualification to Crufts.


We went to exhibition in Hungary at the weekend.

Two-days exhibition CACIB was
in Kecskemét at 9.-10.9

In Saturday evaluated: Petik Zsuzsaana (H)
Sanna obtained V1, CAC, CACIB

We decided to sleep in tent in camp near showground because the weather was good. Girls watched over tent and we enjoy nice trip.

We went to exhibition on Sunday again, the weather was sunny
 evaluated: Jean-Jacques Dupas (F)
obtained this time V1, CAC, res. CACIB

It was very nice and pleasant exhibition and I can recommend it all.

12.2.2006  International Dog Show 
Brno (CZ)
Arbiter:  Ing. Matyáš Jaroslav (SK)

Our Sanna won prizes V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

We have great enjoyment.

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