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A'Kyimo Lamleh Schambala


thank very much husbands Schleicher for this beautiful photos. We wish them very breeding and exhibitions successes.
are pleased by Kyimo. She grow into really nice lady.

You found next photos here.

Kyimo & Legs-pa von Verles Ricco

25.9. 2005  National Dog Show  in Brno(CZ)
Arbiter:  Josef Němec (CZ)

Mr. arbitrator like our Sanna very much and he rated her
V1, CAC, National winner, BOB.

 She satified conditions for confement of the title
Czech Champion
.  We take a big pleasure in her.

Jigme were on this exhibition too and he got great references and rating V2, res. CAC.
We congratulate Mrs. and Mr. Niebauer and the other dog's and their master's.

We thank Martina and Milan Adamek for this nice photos.


Martina and Milan with Arien arrived at visit on the weekend.
Visit were nery enjoyable. Arien were enthusiastic that she see her mother Sanna and friend Jenny, as usual.
They played the wild together and we didn't forget to photo a few photos of course.
You can see photos here.

You found next photos in photo gallery on website of Arien.

You found the new photos of Sanna and her friends on our website.


Arien got over next successfull weekend. She were placed great on international exhibition in Bratislava.
She won the prize V1, CAC on Saturday and V1 on Sunday. She satisfied the conditions for conferment of athe title
Slovakian Juniorchampion

Arien gratified not only her masters Martina and Milan but also us. We congratulate very much!!!

We added the new Jigme's photos on website. If you wont you can see it here.

Arien Lamleh Schambala

Arien were placed greate on the special exhibition in Košice at 16.7. and she won rating V1, CC, Special exhibition's winner, BOB.

She won nice rating V1, CAJC on the National exhibition in Košice (SK) at 17.7. too.
If you wont to see other photos you can here.

won great rating V1, CAJC, BOB on the exhibition in Košice (SK) and fullfilled the conditions for conferment
Slovakian juniorchampion

A'Jigme Lamleh Schambala

We congratulate both on excellent exhibition seccesses.

We were on the international exhbition
in Katovice (PL) at  20.3. 2005

Arbiter: Jaroslav Matyáš (SK)

Our Sanna win V1, CWC, CACIB

She satisfy the conditions for conferment of a title

Polish champion.

We are proud of her and take delight in she.

29.01. 2005 
International Dog Show  in Trenčín (SK)
Arbiter:  Rita Van Mechelen (Belgium)

Our Sanna won prizes V1, CAC, res. CACIB.

She met conditions for conferment of a title Slovak's Champion. We have great enjoyment.

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