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4.11. 2004   National Dog Show  in Nowa Ruda (PL)
Petr Řehánek, CZ

 Sanna - Excellent 1, CWC

A'Jigme Lameleh Schamaba

Arien Lamleh Schambala

7.11. 2004 Club Dog Show  in Nitra
Arbiter: MVDr. Stanislav Bučko, SK

Our Sanna were a credit when she got prize V1, CAC, Club's Champion, BOB.

Arien and Jigme get over first  exhibition. Arbiter Mr. Miroslav Guniš very like them on international exhibition in Nitra and he awarded them prize very promising.

We are both very pride. I whole hearted congratulate and I will look forward to next meeting on exhibition.


International Dog Show  in České Budějovice (CZ)
Arbiter:  Ovesná Božena, Mgr., CZ

 Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia -  Excellent 1, CAC

2.10. 2004  
Special Dog Show  in Mladá Boleslav,  (CZ)
Arbiter:   Olga Dolejšová, CZ

 Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia -  Excellent 1, CAC

26.9. 2004  
National Dog Show  in Brno,  (CZ)
Arbiter:   Ing. Alena Košťálová, CZ

 Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia -  Excellent 2, Res. CAC

Visit to Amo-chu

On way from show We called on Amo-chu which live in Brno with couple Večeřových. He got name Endy.
Endy is very clever and kind. He took delight in our visit. He wenched always with Sanna.


(5.9.)          Visit to Jingme

We visited Jingme and his great owners in Turnov at the weekend. We were together on show in Mladá Boleslav where Jingme likes that. He was mad from visit his mother Sanna.



Arien got own webpages as a present to her 4 month from her great owner.

Best wishes to couple Adamek and Arien!!


29.8. 2004   National Dog Show  in
Novy Targ (PL)
Wieslaw Boryczko (PL)

 Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia ("Sanna")  Excellent 1, CWC, BOB  


22.8. 2004   International Dog Show  in Bratislava

Jakkel Tomás, H

 Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia ("Sanna")  Excellent 2, Res. CAC



We have very cheerful attendance on the weekend.

A-myes Lamleh Schambala "Daneček" visited us with his owner.

We done a few common photos which you can see here.


All puppies have a new home.

"A"  Litter    5 Males and 3 Females

L a m l e h   L i n i e

JCh. Sa-Skyon dwan-po Fort d'Or Lamleh von Nama-schu
Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia

For more information click here

8.2. 2004   International Dog Show  in Brno
(Czech Republic)

Arbiter: RNDr. Jaroslava Ovesná , CZ

Ch. Djigme Khji Tashi ("Dan") Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB
 Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia ("Sanna")  Excellent 3

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